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Open masterclass: Driverless transportation – opportunities for cities?

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We see a future where new driverless technologies are entering the market, and autonomous vehicles are tested in the first cities around the world. Self-driving technology will in itself not help us to achieve our climate targets or promote better urban development. But if we manage to use the technology to increase ridesharing and make traditional public transport more attractive, it will be an important part of the move towards more sustainable mobility in our cities.

See invitation here: Driverless transportation New opportunities for cities

COWI and Gate 21 invite to an open masterclass on Friday 11 October at 9:00-11:00 at BLOX during the C40 World Mayors Summit and the Live Like Tomorrow festival in Copenhagen. What will the city look like with a full implementation of driverless cars and busses? And will it ever be a reality?

These are some of the questions we will address at the masterclass. We will discuss the various factors necessary for a successful urban transformation – from more technological aspects to more human aspects, and we will explore the opportunities and risks.

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