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COWI has just signed a sub-consultancy contract for the future 26-kilometre light rail that will help boost the modernisation of transport infrastructure and services in the Republic of Mauritius. COWI will provide traffic studies and road signal design.

The Mauritius Metro Express is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Mauritius to date. It will bring much needed improvements to a transport system, which today is characterised by an old inefficient bus system and heavy traffic congestions during peak hours in the capital, Port Louis. Moreover, it will provide long-term economic and community opportunities to the south-west Indian Ocean Island. Read the whole story here:Larsen & Tourbro (India) heads the project, and CAF (Spain) will be delivering the light rail vehicles and transport system. Together with Mauritius-based Taylor Smith Group, COWI will assist in providing the traffic surveys, traffic studies, traffic simulations and road signal design for the entire 26-kilometre section that comprises of approx. 35 intersections/crossings.

“We are working with COWI due to their track record within light rail and traffic management but also because COWI provides a full range of consultancy services, so we see a potential for a long term partnership on other projects in the region,” says Heba Capdevila Jangeerkhan, COO of Taylor Smith Group.

Making the light rail attractive

One of the challenges is making the new light rail system an attractive option for the more than half million inhabitants in the area, who generally are reluctant towards collective transportation, according to Azhar Saeed, Chief market manager at COWI:

“It is an interesting project. Drawing on our knowledge from light rail projects in, e.g. Denmark, we will deliver an intelligent and efficient system that will ensure that the light rail runs seamlessly. And this will contribute to making the new light rail an attractive alternative to an old disorganised bus system and a growing number of cars,” says Azhar.


– The 26 km route connects five major cities in Mauritius, including the capital Port Louis, with 19 stations. It covers an area inhabited by approx. 600,000 people.

– The project is scheduled for completion within 48 months, with the first phase of 13 km to be completed by 2019.

– The project is funded via a grant of EUR250 million and line of credit from the Indian Government.

– Contractor: Larsen & Toubro India. Project fee: EUR450 million

– Sub-contractor: CAF will deliver light rail vehicles and transport system.

COWI’s role: providing traffic surveys, traffic studies, traffic simulations and road signal design for the entire section, which comprises of approx. 35 intersections.

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Azhar Saeed
Chief Market Manager
Urban Planning and Transport

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