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Creating a Hub for Economic and Technological Development, Nanjing, China

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Nanjing  is located in eastern part of China, and it is a central city for politics, economy, science, education, and culture in Jiangsu Province. Now Nanjing, with help from COWI’s staff from Planning and Economics, is making efforts to be a gateway city in Pan Yangtze River Delta, the national transportation hub, and a noteworthy technology innovation center as well as an international city. The total area of Nanjing city is app. 6,600 km2 and the total investment is about 21.8 billion CNY (app. 19 billion DKK).

The main task for COWI is to prepare a preliminary study report for the administrative committee. The aim of this study is highlighting “must-haves” – essential conditions in order to attract industries on selected fields and providing recommendations on transforming the single-function industry area to a comprehensive city. Furthermore, the study is to be used to support the planning and the further development mode in Nanjing ETDZ.

Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone (ETDZ) was created by merging four existing smaller scale economic development zones in 2009, with the total area of 200 km2. It was certificated as National Ecological Industry Model Park in December 2011. The administrative committee for Nanjing ETDZ wants to further develop this area and ensure that it becomes an attractive, sustainable business area where new companies in electronic, medicine & food, logistics and distribution, electronics and solar energy etc. will settle down in the future – both international businesses and domestic companies.

For information on the project and other major urban development plans contact Karin Thuesen Pedersen –

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